Episode 26: 2 Simple Questions to Help You Make Time for What Truly Matters

In my old life, I prioritized the job above almost everything else. I ignored my mental and physical health because the resources and deadlines set by my employer demanded it. The majority of my days were spent shackled to my desk, working countless hours, thinking of the brief moments of joy that I could fit in around everything else.

In today's episode, I'm sharing the two questions that helped me get my priorities straight, and start living the life I wanted instead of just dreaming about it. 

Listen in to learn the two questions and start applying the answers to your life today!


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Your Virtual CFO Coach host: Lieah Torbert, CEO of Harrington Strategic Partners


Incorporating 20 years’ experience in the retail, oil & gas, automotive, and chemical manufacturing industries, I developed my proprietary growth system, the Cash Flow Ignition Method.

My system helps you build & implement a fully customized roadmap to achieving your business goals without sacrificing more of your personal time.

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