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Want a better balance between your business and personal life?


You’re not alone.

According to the Alternative Board, 70% of small business owners feel they work too much, impacting their work-life balance and 38% say they miss family events due to work commitments.

Why is this such a wide-spread problem?

ONE of the many reasons for this is prioritizing the wrong things over time.


When challenges arise, do you feel compelled to handle everything yourself?

This reactive strategy might seem effective in the short term, but it often leads to setting aside your strategic plans and relying on quick fixes.


This approach traps you in a cycle of constant problem-solving, leaving little time for strategic planning. As a result, you miss out on important personal moments, always being tied to your business.

The key to changing this pattern is to decide what you truly want and restructure your business to achieve those goals.


It’s not about the solution to your next problem, it’s about intentionally building your business so you have the flexibility you need to do what you want to do.

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Discover the Cash Flow Ignition Method


Incorporating 20 years’ experience in the retail, oil & gas, automotive, and chemical manufacturing industries, I developed my proprietary growth system, the Cash Flow Ignition Method.

My system helps you build & implement a fully customized roadmap to achieving your business goals without sacrificing more of your personal time.


If you've ever wondered if there’s a more effective way to build a financial strategy that drives profit, balances work and life, fosters growth, and secures retirement

AND allows you to stop fire fighting so you can be a strategic CEO


Then it’s time for you to learn more about how the Cash Flow Ignition Method can lead you there!



Cash Flow Ignition Method In Action



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Your Cash Flow Ignition Transformation

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Your Virtual CFO Coach Podcast

Hey there, and welcome to the Your Virtual CFO Coach podcast, your go-to resource for becoming the unstoppable CEO of your business while mastering the art of cash flow to create the life you've always envisioned. I'm Lieah Torbert, your host and the founder Harrington Strategic Partners and the game-changing Cash Flow Ignition Method.

On the Your Virtual CFO Coach podcast, I'm sharing the secrets on how to blend your ideal lifestyle with your business growth strategy so you can start living your dream life right now and breaking down essential growth tactics like financial analysis, cash flow management, mindset shifts, and more!

I want you to leave this podcast confident that you can increase your cash flow and profitability and enjoy your life at the same time!

So let's get started!

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What Others Are Saying

“Lieah is the true definition of a leader, mentor, and teacher for those who work under her, as well as those who work alongside her.

She has a wealth of knowledge, never hesitating to share.

Lieah’s management style is one I can only hope to see again and to pass on in my own career.”

— Amy Chapman, Accounts Payable Manager



"Working with Lieah has been incredible! On the first consultation, she knew everything to do to put together my business which seemed to be going in a lot of different directions.

What she was able to do was see the commonality in all of these things that I was creating and put them all together for me extremely comprehensively. I can't speak highly enough of her and I hope you work with her, too!"

— Megan Magill, Natural Food Chef & Holistic Health Coach

“Lieah is an exceptional professional and demonstrated an above average strategic approach to supporting our business.

She worked very hard to understand our business and the experience we wanted to create for our customers.

I highly recommend her and will certainly engage her again!”

— Gregory Jones, Already Better You