I'm Lieah Torbert!


I accidentally got into accounting almost 20 years ago and built an amazing career in the startup world scaling businesses to 7 & 8 figures while raising a family and thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

That's where Harrington Strategic Partners comes in.

My mission: I’m a Cash Flow Strategist dedicated to helping small business CEO’s build businesses that support their dream lives.

Outside of work, I’m focusing on building my own dream life – spending time with my family and friends, incorporating healthier habits (with the occasional bourbon or scotch!), planting a vegetable garden, and tinkering with my custom 1979 Camaro – project cars are never done!


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Harrington's Core Values

Be a heroine!


You are the heroine of your own story! Don't let others choose your path for you. Live intentionally every day, as each decision brings you closer to your desired life.

Encourage and Uplift Others


We're all in this together. Lend a helping hand or share an encouraging message. We don't always realize the impact we have on others. Make it a good one.

No Bullsh*t


Own up to your mistakes and the choices you have made. It's ok to screw up. The key is taking responsibility and learning from your mistakes. Honesty and acceptance are critical for your success.

Who is Harrington?


I named my business after a super heroine.
You've probably never heard of her.
Her name is Honor Harrington.
A friend of mine posed a question as I was struggling to come up with the "right" name.
"You like to read. Is there a character that stands out to you with the ideals you are looking for?"
I said, "Honor Harrington."
No hesitation. 
Like it had been waiting there for me the entire time.
So who is Honor Harrington?
Honor is the main character of a series by David Weber. 
When you meet her, Honor is a nobody, really. 
  • She's not politically connected.
  • She doesn't have money or social status.
  • She's awkward, tall, and stubborn.
Just like me except for the tall part !
Over the course of 20+ books, you learn quite a bit about her:
  • She always does the right thing, even when it ends up badly for her.
  • She is strong, brave, almost fearless in the face of danger.
  • Even though many people consider her cold, she feels so deeply that it's hard for people to relate to her.
  • She is a defender of justice and a protector of the weak.
  • She takes honor and loyalty to a whole new level.
  • She never gives up. No situation is so bad that there isn't a way through.
  • She is a master tactician and knows when to follow her gut instincts.
  • She can make tough decisions when it's needed. 
Honor Harrington represents faith in people, hope, strength, perseverance, and commitment.
What more could I ask for?

What Others Are Saying:

“Lieah is the true definition of a leader, mentor, and teacher for those who work under her, as well as those who work alongside her. She has a wealth of knowledge, never hesitating to share. Lieah’s management style is one I can only hope to see again and to pass on in my own career.”

— Amy Chapman, Accounts Payable Manager

"Working with Lieah has been incredible! On the first consultation, she knew everything to do to put together my business which seemed to be going in a lot of different directions.

What she was able to do was see the commonality in all of these things that I was creating and put them all together for me extremely comprehensively. I can't speak highly enough of her and I hope you work with her, too!"

— Megan Magill, Natural Food Chef & Holistic Health Coach

“Lieah is an exceptional professional and demonstrated an above average strategic approach to supporting our business. She worked very hard to understand our business and the experience we wanted to create for our customers. I highly recommend her and will certainly engage her again!”

— Gregory Jones, Former Client