Sometimes you need some help and you're not sure what category it falls into...welcome to special projects!


Our team has extensive knowledge in finance, accounting, human resources, operations, systems development and implementation. Odds are, if you need help with it, we've handled it personally in the past or know someone who has. 

Special projects bring their own challenges, but also a lot of room for growth in an organization. During times of change, moving forward with a project that you've been putting off for awhile can make a huge difference in performance even though you might be tempted to keep it on the "someday" list. 


Frequently requested services

  • Bookkeeping catch up - this is typically an add-on to our bookkeeping services when the books are more than 60 days behind. If you aren't current on filing your tax returns because your books are behind, start here! (see below for more information on monthly bookkeeping services)
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation - if invoices and payments aren't matched correctly, it can make collections a huge hassle and hurt your cash flow. 
  • Accounts Payable Reconciliation - if your bills and payments aren't matched correctly, you could end up missing bills or even paying vendors twice for the same bill! 
  • Inventory Reconciliation - inventory is often the hardest thing to track accurately and is often managed with a complicated manual process. Completing an inventory reconciliation gives you a new starting point and allows you to capture all of your cost of goods sold.
  • Implementing classes, departments, and/or locations - as your business grows, you may want to look at your data from different points of view. Adding classes, departments, and/or locations can be an effective way to accomplish this.
  • Process development and implementation - most processes start out very informally and tend to have a lot of variation from person to person. Developing and implementing standardized processes and understanding where dependencies and blockages occur can increase consistency, productivity and save you money!

Your next steps:

  1. Schedule a Cash Flow Optimization call to discuss your specific needs.
  2. Receive a custom quote for services requested. 
  3. Review and sign our services contract.
  4. Schedule a kick-off meeting.

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Need additional services?



3 plans to choose from. All include: monthly transaction coding (cash or accrual), bank and credit card reconciliations, payroll report reconciliation, and financial statements

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Frequently requested: financial reporting for loan compliance, generating depreciation and amortization schedules, filing property taxes (TX only), and filing sales tax (TX only).

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Frequently requested: strategic planning, cash flow management, budgeting and analysis, assisting with metrics selection, creating management dashboards, and employee headcount planning.

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& Training

Options include private financial management coaching (individual or team) and onsite/virtual training days. Public group online training and self paced training courses coming soon.

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